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I think the same about many altcoins/ICO, they will end badly in comparison to Bitcoin. 126 Iota               0. Another important concept is how frequent to balance the portfolio. The trend remains steadily UP also because the minimum done at 11000 dollars is clearly higher than that of 12 November at around 5600 dollars; I therefore expect a new maximum in the weeks to follow above 20000 dollars. Doing it every day is really not necessary for the casual long term investor. In the event of an unexpected catastrophic news, the support area on the weekly chart is updated to 3700-4400 USD. Said this, the less bad altcoins are Dash and Ethereum followed by Monero and Litecoin with a preference to these last two because of lower volatility compared to Ethereum and Dash. For Monero is: For Ethereum is: F = 2 * 0. For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere on the planet, conveniently and without restriction. 074 Dash               0. 6% as an optimal fraction of your capital Monero has both the Persistence and Gain negative but what about Ethereum. The resistance zone is 8000$-9300$, slightly lower than the one presented with this update of 8600$-9800$. This possible bearish scenario would convince me to liquidate all the bitcoins i bought in 2014-2015.

Eventually I would add Dash and Litecoin because by increasing the number of assets as a result I will reduce the final volatility of the portfolio. If volatility stays low the uptrend should push bitcoin above 22k USD during the year without too much effort, it’s a scenario i prefer instead of wild price swings. 187 Zetacash               0. The support area ranges from $6100 to $6800 and is defined by VWAP and an intermediate level between the VWAP and the 1st deviation line. com) In the event of an unexpected catastrophic news, the support area on the weekly chart is updated to 3200-4000 USD. Personally i’ve a very high aggressive asset allocation but I’ve all the time and experience to follow carefully my Portfolio and to act accordingly to new information on a daily basis. There are no guarantees that the market will stay sideways enough to test that support area but strategically isn’t a bad move to buy inside it with a stoploss below 7000$.   140,891,567,880 USD or 114,717,800,400 EUR or 479,805,589,200 PLN or 101,371,178,244 GBP Transactions last 24h Download a Wallet Bitcoin is received, stored, and sent using software known as a Bitcoin Wallet. The other template I use on Tradingview with KAMA average and deviation levels is very similar to this one; the weekly KAMA is at 5800$ not far from the 6100$ of the 2-month VWAP. Also this week to compensate for record volatility levels I refined again the coefficients to calculate the various VWAP deviation levels so as to have greater consistency with other indicators I use. As you can clearly see, the market has never tested the second negative deviation line and has always reacted from the first line. In the event of an unexpected catastrophic news, the support area on the weekly chart rises to USD 4300-5800 total bitcoin market cap. Another issue is that many altcoins have less then 2 years of history because this new sector is relatively new so it is difficult to respect rule number 4.

Rate this: Thanks to the formula F=2P-1 I know how much to wage on each crypto for a total of around 40% of your capital to invest in crypto. The remaining 60% could be invested in traditional stuff of your choice (equities, bonds, real estate) total bitcoin market cap. 117 Bitcoin Cash               0.Ardor.
. For Ethereum is: How Much to allocate individually on each altcoin. Four simple policies listed in order of importance, and the second policy is the one that makes the money or the “ engine” of the strategy. If I were forced to assemble a portfolio of altcoins, i’ll probably opt for low volatility alts, like Ethereum, Monero, Next and Ethereum Classic. In the future i might publish other updates about the subject with updated quantitative data on altcoins/bitcoin. levels XBT/USD weekly price range 7600$-10700$ | The 2-month VWAP is now at 6600$, the resistance zone ranges from 9600$ to 10700$ and is defined by the 3rd and 4th price deviation line. This support area should work especially if the market goes sideways, it could be a nice zone where to buy with reduced risk of high initial drawdown. 201 Qtum               0. .Bitcoin Cash.WAX.

Bitcoin Gold.

Although it has only existed for a few weeks, Bitcoin Cash has already surged to top five in terms of market cap. That's because Bitcoin Cash is actually a fork of Bitcoin, supported by the biggest Bitcoin mining company as well as the manufacturer of Bitcoin mining chips (ASICs) -- Bitmain.
total bitcoin market cap

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